1. Q: Where do you ship from?

    A: Our shipping facility is currently located in Brooklyn, NY.

2. Q: How long does shipping take?

    A: Shipping takes about 3-5 business days.

3. Q: How much does shipping cost?

    A: $10 shipping.

4. Q: What is your return policy?

    A: Due to hygienic reasons, no returns or exchanges are allowed. All sales are final!  

5. Q: What do i do if payment doesn't go through?

    A: I would recommend trying a different browser, that tends to be the solution however if you are still experiencing these issues please feel free to contact us at chayaswigsandhairpieces@gmail.com

6. Q: How do I know which color to choose that will match my hair?

    A: If you are unsure which color will match, feel free to contact us at chayaswigsandhairpieces@gmail.com and send us a picture of your hair and we will do our best to match the color for you.

7. Q: What are Just Braydz products made out of? 

    A: Just Braydz products are made out of high quality synthetic hair.

8. Q: Can Just Braydz products be dyed?

    A: No, none of the headbands or extensions can be dyed.

9. Q: Can I wash my Just Braydz pieces?

     A: You can soak the braids in Woolite and rinse it, but you must handle them with care and don't aggravate them too much so that they dont ruin.

10. Q: How long do Just Braydz products typically last?

     A: They can last as long as you’d like! As long as you handle them with care and don't snag them with anything then they will last.